alpaca fleece from shearing

What the heck is a histogram?  Well, it's a graphical representation of the frequency of data (the picture above).  A small sample of Keswick's fibre was sent to a lab for analysis.  Using special equipment, the lab measured the actual diameter of the individual fibres in his sample and then performed a statistical analysis to get AFD - average fibre diameter, SD - standard deviation, CV - co-efficient of variation and other economically important fibre characteristics.

Generally speaking, finer fibres with little variation within the fleece, are preferred for luxury products.  That is, the lower the AFD and SD the softer the finished object will feel next to your skin.

Typically as animals age, their fibre will coarsen. Our goal is to produce animals with lasting fineness.  That is, animals with average fibre diameters (AFDs) of less than 20 microns well into adulthood (3-8+ years). 

- 1 micron = one millionth of an inch, each adult human hair averages approximately 60 - 80+ microns in diameter.

2018 Herd Statistics

While our clients are the best judges of the quality of our herd and fibre products, we conduct annual histograms to assist us in our breeding and production plans.  Our latest herd fibre statistics are below: 

Age (years)
 CV %
Fibre Grade
 Range in Micron
Percent of 2018 Herd in Grade
 Grade Name
 Grade 1 
  < 20 microns
 Grade 2
 20.1 - 23.0 microns
 Grade 3
 23.1 - 26.0microns
 Grade 4
 26.1 - 29.0 microns
 Grade 5
 29.1 - 32.0 microns
 Grade 6
 32.1 +