Alpaca Breeding and Fibre Production

The cornerstone of our operation is our alpaca breeding and fibre production program; everything stems from that.  We stock single (CLAA) and double (CLAA/AOA) registered alpacas and while all were born in North America, they hail from a variety of countries of origin including Peru, Chile and Bolivia.   We are fortunate to have the following impact animals included in the pedigrees of our herd: pPeruvian Hemingway, Jolimont Peruvian Pauco, cPeruvian Rafael, Jolimont Peruvian Sweet William, Peruvian Bueno, Snowmass Braveheart, and Peruvian Alianza Appolo, Americano's Keswick to name a few.

You be the Judge

Many of our foundation animals are highly decorated, having won multiple ribbons and championships at prestigious shows throughout North America. While we no longer rely on the show ring to measure the success of our program, we invest in annual, objective measurement of all of our breeding and production stock. Each animal's fibre is sampled annually and is compared to age and colour matched animals both regionally and nationally to ensure that we are producing superior fibre and animals.  Ultimately, it is our clients who are the best judge of the quality of our products.  We invite you to be the judge and experience the difference.

We welcome all sales and stud services inquiries and will work with you and within your budget to bring the highest quality animal to your farm.